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essay/paper, first read it and make sure it makes sense. Like editing, it is important to take your time during the proofreading process. Check all semicolon usage for correctness.

Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice, the first-ever multimedia online course created to train proofreaders. Avoid referring to readers of your essay as "you and avoid making questionable assumptions about your readers. People often mix their and theyre, its and its, your and youre and. Delete "I think that "I believe that "I feel that "in my opinion and similar phrases using the first person. Editing and Proofreading Help, community. Avoid overuse of the passive voice. 4, distance yourself from your work before beginning the revision process by taking a break, whether it is just for a few minutes or even several weeks. Remember, you have used a semicolon correctly if a period is correct where you put the semicolon. Eliminate contractions: "can't" should be "cannot for instance. Grammar: don't rely too heavily on your word processor's grammar checker. Use an online auto-summarising tool to experiment with the length of your prose if you feel like your argument isn't flowing properly. Make sure that the antecedents of pronouns are clear: do proofread not write, "in the essay, it says.". Submit Tips Use Microsoft Word's Track Changes functionality to allow yourself and others to naturally revise a paper without destroying the original. You can also use text-to-speech software for this purpose. Watch Out for Homonyms. use 12-point fonts and double space your essay-press Ctrl.

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Applying the tips and ideas gleaned from the style guides. Tion says" articles missing or extra commas, how are sentences structured. Start composing your essay and paper.

To survive a boot camp and earn a verifiable certificate, you must complete forty-two lessons, take seven tests, and earn a passing grade.And you must tolerate the unyielding attentions of the drill instructor, who is not a pleasant individual.to read over and fix mistakes in (written or printed matter) It s a good idea to proofread your homework.

Review your paper to ensure that your tone is appropriate for your audience and consistent throughout your paper. Put It On Paper, might" by articles cutting it down. Ng, tions Never put spaces websites betwee" take your time during this process to ensure that you are as thorough as possible. Could" avoid redundant sentence structure," Homonyms are words that share the same spelling or pronunciation. So print out a copy of your writing.

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Use a thesaurus only to find the right words, not to find words that will be unfamiliar to most of your readers.Just a few of these errors will reduce the grade of an essay, and many problems with these errors will cause an essay to receive a failing grade.Author's nameuse the full name only the first time that you refer to the author: then use just the author's last name, never just the author's first name!