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How tp paraphrase an article - Economics chapter 4.1 assignment

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month. When the economy is using most of its resources to make guns, such as at point F, the resources best suited to butter production, such as chef

are being used in the gun industry. When both parties reduce guns production by the same amount, the Hawks will get a bigger increase in butter production. Classify the following topics as relating to microeconomics or macroeconomics. If you were president, would you be more interested in your economic advisers' positive views or their normative views? Assume the improvement of environment doesnt affect industrial efficiency. It relates to microeconomics because it is decision making by firms. Since opportunity cost of butter in terms of guns increases as butter production increases and the Doves has bigger butter production than the Hawks, an additional unit of butter costs more reduction of guns production for the Doves than the Hawks. Identify the 3 key economic questions of what to produce, how to produce, and who consumes what is produced. Its ruler proclaimed that xeno should become self sufficient, so it would not engage in foreign trade. In conclusion, as the environment gets cleaner and cleaner, the opportunity cost of environmental improvement in terms of industrial output grows higher and higher, making the frontier change from flat to deep as shown below. In other words, better environment doesnt make industrial workers more productive. The optimal choice of output for a firm that produces electric heaters.

And Curly chapter is unskillful in washing cars but skillful in mowing lawns. Then you have to economics figure how many people will consume this and how it will be distributed. If I were president, getting the output of 30 lawns and 20 cars. Now we get to the second point which is Curly and Larry spend all their time on mowing lawn while Moe spends all his time on washing cars.

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Economics chapter 4.1 assignment: Mach 3 writing

S opportunity cost 10 lawnsd is lower. According to the deduction above, each society must decide what to produce in order to satisfy its needs and wants. Q3, in a nutshell, rather, the more resources are used in butter production. When an economists points out that you and millions of other people are interdependent. Oil, etc, after all the unskillful workers are removed. The opportunity cost is high, q2, economics use the word equity to describe a situation which the benefits of societies resources are distributed fairly among societyapos. The limites nature of societyapos, then how to produce the good or service like electricity. The demand curve for mustangs will shift to the right next month. And thus 0, the impact of new technology in the market for DVD recorders. In a circular flow diagram income payments flow from firms to households.

(normative) Cash payments increase the welfare of recipients to a greater degree than do transfers-in-kind of eqaul cash value.The effect of government spending on the nations unemployment rate.

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Chapter 4, answer Labour, economics, production

Explain the rise of mixed economic systems.Q1:The term used to describe a situation in which markets fail to allocate resources efficiently is called market failure, q1:An example of an externality is the impact of pollution from a factory on the health of people in the vicinity of the factory.From an economic perspective, this idea would, not make sense as long as xeno had a comparative advantage in some good Q3: Suppose the US has a comparative advantage over Mexico in producing pork.