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intervention of early mother-infant contact is applicable to our population. In the paper, the author did not collect the original meta-analysis to make a more powerful quntatitive synthesis

but put the original meta-analysis into related heading which made the review less convincing. The author did the data extraction but did not do the validity assessment for each included study. In this paper, Studies were analysed within four types of intervention: health education (risk ratio (RR).57, 95 confidence interval (CI).15.15 peer support (RR.02, 95.63.14,.00001 breastfeeding promotion packs (RR0.93, 95.80.08,.34. The features of systematic and traditional review. However, in some circumstances, RCTs are either not feasible or considered ethically inappropriate, especially in the surgical field. Performance bias, attrition bias and detection bias were rated as: adequate; unclear or partially adequate; or inadequate. After appraising this paper, I think the policy or practice should not be changed due to the less explicit methodology. To study the effects of interventions, it is necessary to compare a group of patients who have received the intervention (study group) with a comparable group who have not received the intervention (control group). A main mechanism for dealing with potential conflicts of interest is open disclosure It is important to check the funding source of the study, and evaluate whether it can influence with the validity of the findings publihsed. In the systematic review, the author stated a clearly inclusion and exclusion criteria and used very detailed method to search relevant paper which can avoid the publication bias and omit the potential related research while the traditional review didnt identify the relevant study explicitly. Reference Abalos,., Carroli,., Mackey,.E., Bergel,., 2001. A randomized controlled trial, which is a trial in which subjects are randomly allocated to the study or control groups, is usually the ideal design (Glasziou, 2001). Important differences are likely to exist between patients who receive disparate treatments and these differences, rather than the treatment itself, might be responsible for the observed outcomes. Systematic reviews: CRDs guidance for undertaking reviews in health care. Besides, the author did not mentioned that she contacted original authors to clarify or obtain relevant details of studies or search for unpublished studies and non-English language studies. Eleven studies were included in the review; statistical analyses were conducted on data from eight trials (1553 women). When we face a clinical problem and seek for answer in research studies. How were the controls selected and were they drawn from the same population as the cases? Making sense of critical appraisal. The authors clearly stated the inclusion and exclusion criteria about the types of participants and interventions. According to the data above, I consider the interventions of health education and peer support are likely to increase the improvement of promoting the initiation of breastfeeding. To assess the impact of these interventions on secondary outcomes, namely, duration of any research or exclusive breastfeeding and any adverse outcomes as a result of the intervention. 4 (2) Settle controversies arising from apparently conflicting studies, as demonstrated in the same meta-analysis by Golwala.

Prognosis or prediction of specific clinical outcomes and how to critically appraise an article nature clinical investigations on the quality of health care. Potential confounding factors and outcomes measured accurately and objectively in all members of the cohort. Canada, locating and Appraising Systematic Reviews, document Detail.

PDF, critical appraisal is a systematic process used to identify.Transcript of, how to critically.

How to critically appraise an article nature clinical

According to the authors conclusion, is of particular concern, type. And synthesis of all relevant studies that address a specific clinical question. Which had 376380, as it distorts overall perceptions of the findings on a particular topic The quorum Quality of Reporting of MetaAnalysis and the amstar29 are both assessment tools. Substantial statistical heterogeneity in this analysis is suggested by the heterogeneity score above. Critical appraisal, publication Detail, to the assembly, journal Article. A systematic review involves the application of scientific strategies. These supportive strategies have limited longterm effects. Although professional interventions that enhance the usual care mothers receive increase breastfeeding duration to 2 months. I assume policy or practice should be remained.

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Meta-analyses: How to critically

Hunt,.L., Mckbbon,.A., 1997.Gastroenterology hepatology   Volume:  6   issn: ISO Abbreviation:  -   Publication Date:  2009 Feb.In this issue of the Journal, Green et al 1 used meta-analysis to test the hypothesis that normal myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) study and coronary computed tomography angiography (ccta) study were able to identify patients at low risk for cardiac events at long-term follow-up.Would participants have been able to know or guess their treatment allocation?