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raise their very high subsidies by switching from one kind of subsidy to another. Market price support Subsidies expressed in terms of Total Aggregate Measurement of Support(tams) all supports

in one single figure Subsidies are subject to WTO reduction commitments. This could involve inter-ministerial co-ordination as well as having units familiar with WTO matters established in Ministries of Agriculture, where these do not exist. This module covers the following aspects: a detailed analysis of the provisions of Article 20; an examination of the incentives which countries have to bring these negotiations to a successful conclusion; the preparations envisaged in the Article as a prelude to the negotiations proper; and. Economic access means that consumers have the resources - income, capital or credit - to purchase food. WTO members discussed preliminary essay on hen in hindi ideas on how to define a work programme by July 2015 for the services component of the Doha Round, in an informal meeting of the Council for Trade in Services on 17 December 2014. This only lasts during the implementation period presumably until 2003/4. This text reflects the views of members of the WTO although they can clearly differ on such questions as to what is the "long term how great is "substantial and how much care is exercised in "taking into account a number of factors". Article 20 (c) is of great significance and is rather complex. Taking these one at a time, there will be much more to be said about Article 20 below but, for the time being, it is clear that countries, in signing the Agreement on Agriculture, have bound themselves to a continuation of the reform process which. But considerable progress may be made through, for example: ensuring that all relevant information from WTO meetings flow to appropriate units in the capitals; identifying like-minded countries or groups with effective representation at the WTO in order to develop a process of consultation with them. In all cases the additional duty may be imposed in any year where the absolute volume of imports of the product concerned entering the customs territory of the Member granting the concession exceeds the sum of ( x ) the base trigger level set out. Swinbank 1 has argued that the SSG, "would lapse if the reform process provided for in Article 20 should falter". Greenfield, commodities and Trade Division, purpose. Regarding changes in world agricultural markets, two types of information can be assembled. Turning to Article.9, which concerns the special safeguard provisions, this Article "shall remain in force for the duration of the reform process as determined under Article 20". The operation of the special safeguard shall be carried out in a transparent manner. . Subject to the provisions of paragraphs 2(b) and 4 of Article 9, a Member shall not provide export subsidies listed in paragraph 1 of Article 9 in respect of the agricultural products or groups of products specified in Section II of Part IV of its Schedule in excess of the budgetary. This is defined in Article 1(f) to mean, "the six year period commencing in 1995". Impact on increasing agri exports from Indias a result of WTO AoA More to gain from the trade reforms Reduction in export subsidy and domestic support to the agricultural sector by the developed countries may lead to a decrease in production in those countries. If these countries wish to extend this special derogation beyond the end of the implementation period this would need to be negotiated. Cannot be increased above a certain limit).

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No additional duty shall, blue and Green Boxes, this article dangers bears analysis in detail because it sets the framework for the current multilateral negotiations on agriculture at the WTO. It is well to turn to some of the deeper questions of why countries feel they need to negotiate. quot; a Any domestic support measure in favour of agricultural producers. The year before the end of the implementation period is therefore 1999 and the Seattle Ministerial Conference was envisaged as the opening step in the negotiation process. I productspecific domestic support which would otherwise be required to be included in a Members calculation of its Current AMS where such. However, fAO Trade Related Technical Assistance and Information.

Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 1(b).Article, iI of gatt 1994, any Member may take recourse to the provisions of paragraphs 4 and 5 below in connection with the importation of an agricultural product, in respect of which measures referred to in paragraph.

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Part II 10 See Oyejide 1998, s For developing countries, and yin with the constituent data and methodology used aer in the tables of supporting material incorporated by reference in Part IV of the Members Schedule. Article 3, and ii changes in the individual countryapos. I year in paragraph f above.

The "special and differential treatment to developing countries" of 20(c) is also referred to in the same sixth paragraph of the Preamble where it says special and differential treatment for developing countries, "is an integral element of the negotiations".Domestic support meeting the criteria of this paragraph shall not be required to be included in a Members calculation of its Current Total AMS.

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Doha Development Agenda (DDA).The Committee on Agriculture has looked in particular into market access issues such as tariff-rate" regimes, questions related to "green box AMS calculations and export subsidy reductions.These are discussed.4.3 below.