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pragmatist, and believed that human rights would come with economic prosperity. You will not have learnt much about her from the newspapers or television. What sense can one make

of such a swift and pitiless end? The tough exterior, the power-woman who excelled in the witty verbal put-down, was covering up a much more vulnerable person. That was how her life was edited down for public consumption. Tall and statuesque, with long brown hair, she always surged rather than strolled; she was always the figure in the room who demanded the closest attention. The only survival, the only meaning. But I had reckoned without Lauren Bessette. Grim, foreboding, bureaucratic, the hospital promised a grim experience. Thea says youre all right. As the days yawned into weeks, our boredom deepened.

Who is in New York helping to console Laurens family in their days of darkness. Than a what does murloc sound like in writing force of nature, i first met her through my friend Thea Guest. And we all ended up in a bar. Arbitrary, and then came the confirmation, this man knew Lauren and I found his eulogy about her very interesting. And then one day Thea announced that a friend of hers was coming up for the weekend. I didnt believe they were things people should be forced to wait for. Lauren certainly didnt look like a bodyguard more a catwalk model but she never met you with anything less than the full force of her personality. And so in a darkened room I listened to the radio broadcasts as they became more and more ominous.

The bridge, as Thornton Wilder said, is love.The only survival, the only meaning.

Thea took one look at her plastered ankle and collapsed. This woman takes no prisoners, she was very driven, topic i listened to it all with a sense of dread. But I did not know him and I have always regarded grief expended on distant figures as somewhat counterfeit. Outside in the corridor, the Paramount Leader looked nowhere near death. I guess youre Fergal, in two beautiful sentences, and the bridge is love. And she had the gift of a formidable intellect. The following Friday morning I knocked on Theas bedroom door. The only survival, i thought, i heard the news that the plane was missing as I was lying in bed fighting a summer flu.

After Peking, I met Lauren several times in Theas company.Boy, this lady could make things happen.

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It was February and bitterly cold, with biting, sand-gritted winds blowing down on to the city from the Gobi Desert.Within minutes of our arrival she had dragooned what seemed like the entire medical team to examine Theas ankle.Thea and I were back in London, and Lauren had moved to New York where one day last week she headed for an airport in New Jersey, to take a fateful flight with her sister and brother-in-law.