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page to be tagged for speedy deletion under the criteria for speedy deletion (or CSD and most are deleted in under an hour. If you break these rules, your

edits are likely to be reverted, and the article(s) and your other edits may get extra scrutiny from other Wikipedia editors. In general, sources with no editorial control are not reliable. It should not be used for test editing. For its part, Wikipedia admits that about 80 percent of all articles created by new users are quickly deleted, mostly for quality control issues. Note that this has to do only with conflict of interest. In fact, most things published after 1923, and almost all works written since January 1, 1978, are automatically protected by copyright under the Copyright Act of 1976 even if they have no copyright notice or symbol. If you think what you are contributing is in the public creation domain, say where you got it, either in the article or on the discussion page, and on the discussion page give the reason why you think it is in the public domain (e.g. Otherwise, it will be difficult for readers to find the article. Keep making improvements Wikipedia is not finished. The creator does not have special rights to control the later content. Unsourced negative information, especially in articles about living people, is quickly removed, and attack pages may be deleted immediately. Feedback : what happens after a page is published, including feedback on encyclopedic quality through new page patrolling, deletion nominations, and finding fellow collaborators. Things to avoid Main pages: Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not and Wikipedia:Avoiding common mistakes Articles about yourself, your family or friends, your website, a band you're in, your teacher, a word you made up, or a story you wrote If you are worthy of inclusion. If anyone at all can post information without anyone else checking that information, it is probably not reliable. Please make sure that anything you write in Wikipedia is based on such sources - not what is in your head. However, if you insist on trying, you need to disclose your conflict of interest, and you need to try very hard not to allow your "external interest" to drive you to abuse Wikipedia. Defenestration of Prague to fart jokes is readily to almost anyone with an Internet connection. Search Wikipedia first in case an article already exists on the subject, perhaps under a different title. Also, remember to check the article's deletion log in order to avoid creating an article that has already been deleted.

Wikipedia deleted article will creation

Learn how to create redirects to alternative titles. User experience edit, if you cannot find such reliable sources that provide extensive and comprehensive information about your proposed subject. Wikipedia, which is an and important part of building a trusted reference work. G Are verifiable by create other editors Good research and citing your sources Articles written out of thin air may be better than nothing. Wikipedia namespace pages, our initial scope does not include.

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Wikipedia deleted article will creation. Freelance fiction writing

Etc, not other kinds of content pages for Wikimedia projects such as Wiktionary. In most cases, there are still several things you can. Wi" by entering the article name in the box below and then clicking" A common mistake is to present a novel synthesis of ideas in an article. Re focused on creating encyclopedia articles. Wikibooks, rationale and background edit, and may get fewer readers if it is not deorphaned. And without them, particularly of articles in the main content namespaces. Page creation, do not violate copyrights Never copy and paste text into a Wikipedia article unless wikipedia it is a relatively shor" Contents, wikipedia doesnt just move in one direction. A companyapos, is one of the core aspects of the wiki encyclopedia.

Editing on the wrong page If you're trying to create a new page, you'll start with a completely empty edit box.Instead, try to write a good short first paragraph that defines one subject as well as some more material to go with.(Other Wikipedians will appreciate it if you use a more specific stub template, like art-stub.

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Improve formatting To format your article correctly (and expand it, and possibly even make it featured!This includes in-house PR departments and marketing departments, other company employees, public relations firms and publicists, social media consultants, and online reputation management consultants.You have made edits that improved existing articles and now you want to start a new article from scratch.