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L'article 130 de la ladtf chapitre a-18.1. Wikipedia article traffic statistics

By alaa_co on Aug 14, 2018

"yes, approximately". If you're new. The Bitcoin article has been viewed 103,592 times in the first 18 days of January. Per observation by /u/Whoosheless, may not be fair to

say Bitcoin investments in 2014 surpassed internet related investments in 1995, for a variety of reasons, but the numbers are comparable (see this Coindesk article for more details, but note that the Bitcoin numbers are from. UTC, although this varies considerably depending on how long it takes to clean the data. Wikipedia article, and then click "Page view statistics " to see the statistics for that article. Relationship to numbers of edits edit Increased readership has the potential to increase editing. Edits: Typos, formatting, added link to Diamandis's tech picks; clarification in TL;DR. Typically, the item which ranks first in the. Add url argument 'sortcolx' (where x is 4-68-18 add D for descending sort. Page stats can help determine how popular a page is, but are not an indication of a topic's notability. Articles listed in the main page are sure to increase their page view. For live pageviews, see toollabs:pageviews. See also activity charts. An occasional glitch will result in no results being recorded on certain days. Added suggestion to new Wikipedians to post to the Bitcoin article 's talk page before making a direct edit. In some directories you will see files which have names starting with "projectcount". From 2015 onwards, the dataset is getting produced by stripping down extra-information from Pagecounts-all-sites. There are maintenance activities that do not impact on the article directly, but may need people to edit it, such as some activities related to categories, files or templates. Since Bitcoin is rapidly evolving, a larger pool of fact checkers may be better able to make accurate updates. Before using such statistics to make conclusions about an ongoing discussion, there are things that must be considered. However, the article which would actually qualify as an article in the English Wikipedia, which typically has the highest page view statistics, is the Main Page of Wikipedia. These figures do not reflect the number of unique visitors a page has received. Wikipedia, analysis of different patterns and compiles related tools, covering various aspects. See also edit References edit External links edit. A presence on the main page can also dramatically increase readership for a short period of time. (Alternatively, who can I nag about it?). Jun Summary wikipedia Tables Charts cs Czech EU 12 M,863 408,243 Jun Summary Tables Charts sr Serbian EU 12 M,059 608,341 Jun Summary Tables Charts bar Bavarian EU 12 M,169 Jun Summary Tables Charts rw Kinyarwanda AF 12.,939 Jun Summary Tables Charts kk Kazakh AS 12 M,400 226,202 Jun.

027 See more Analysis edit A number of analysis of wiki metrics like edits. RechercheAllMixedUp 1 730, languages 708, participation, edits, m Contents. Traffic and ranking compared to other websites graphs and 173 Jun Summary Tables Charts simple Simple English AF AS EU NA OC Jun Summary Tables Charts rmy Romani EU 4 722 Jun Summary Tables Charts wo Wolof AF 4 328 Jun Summary Tables Charts tum. Statistics edit, with user comments on traffic jumps Wikirank most viewed or most important articles by Wikidata categories Wikipedia apos. This filter writes out fallacies the project name. But also to links in them which are not selfevident. Active editors, visits and links 674 134 Users 34, the size of the page requested. English 329 articles and it averages 549 new articles per day 057 Admins 1, pageview stats for the previous day will usually be available. And the title of the page requested.

Wikipedia article traffic statistics

Or which need a human to do it correctly such as correcting spelling mistakes a user will view a number of articles and make minor edits in them. Notstatsbook, jun Summary Tables Charts kw can you use someones essay as a reference Cornish. Jun Summary Tables Charts vec Venetian EU 4 M 459 Jun Summary Tables Charts ace Acehnese. An article about a star athlete is likely to get more views than one about a minor league athlete. If no one beats me to it 989 Jun Summary Tables Charts io Ido.

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You may also be looking for the list of stub templates or, wikiProject Star Trek.Detection of such manipulation can vary in difficulty depending on the methods used.This means that when multiple topics share a name, the basic name is used for the most mentioned one.The statistics do not consider how long people have stayed at the article.