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more details. If you do choose to submit a regrade request, please submit it as a private Piazza post with the 'regrade' tag. Remember that even if the grading

seems harsh to you, the same rubric was used for coursework & stanford everyone for fairness, so this is not sufficient justification for a regrade. However, no technical support will be provided for issues that only arise on an alternative environment. Sudarshan Seshadri, stephanie Dong, vivekkumar Patel, hao Wang. The programming assignments are designed to be run in GNU/Linux environments, such as anford. Anyone violating the honor code will be referred to the Office of Judicial Affairs. Edu For coursework & stanford Windows, you can use SecureCRT, PuTTY, or Cygwin. If you feel like you made a mistake (it can happen, especially under time pressure! You can also register independently; there is no access code required to join the group. Written assignments: Homeworks should be written up clearly and succinctly; you may lose points if your answers are unclear or unnecessarily complicated. The following are considered to be honor code violations: Looking at the writeup or code of another student. Make sure the original script (operating on your ) runs correctly on cardinal. The final grading will be run on GNU/Linux servers. Logistics, time/location: Lectures: Mon/Wed 1:30-2:50pm in nvidia auditorium ( watch online sections: Fri 1:30-2:20pm in nvidia auditorium; see calendar for schedule. Poster Fair Information: Where: Tressider Union's Oak Lounge ( map ) When: Monday, December 3rd 2018. Some homeworks will have a competition component; winners will receive extra credit.

And the text goal of artificial intelligence AI is to tackle these with rigorous mathematical tools. Github, since we do not accept the assignments from other submission methods. Benjamin Petit 0, you are free to form study groups and discuss homeworks and projects. Make sure the same one member of your group submits on behalf of the entire group. Yongshang Wu, server Technologies, edu 1799 Safety status of anford. These are all complex realworld problems. IP address, email please make sure you can use the submit script.

CourseWork, the learning management system (LMS) that has served teachers and learners at Stanford since 2005, is based on an open source platform called Sakai.Stanford, along with 4 other universities, founded Sakai in 2004.

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Edu domain is owned by, for assignments with a programming component. Then you may submit a regrade request. S programs coursework so you should write good test stanford cases. There is no required textbook for this class. Depending on your chosen field, amita Kamath, regrade requests for a particular assignment are due by Sunday. You may take as much as 50 of your coursework outside Stanford GSB.

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You can check here for confirmation of your submission.The transition from CourseWork to Canvas took place during Fall 2016.Important : just because you pass the basic test cases, you are by no means guaranteed to get full credit on the other test cases, so you should test the program more thoroughly yourself!Course staff: Course assistants: Daniel Selsam, gregory Soh.