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reach enough to afford higher costs. Basically the true reason of the companys concentration on the customer satisfaction and building customer loyalty is primary due to the fact that the customer is the one that will purchase the companys products. In regards to customer loyalty a company must ensure its presence throughout the market, with customers of different age, sex, and. The customer is the driving force of the modern market and the he has a verdict to every single good he faces and very often this verdict is completely dependent on the introduction of appropriate customer satisfaction techniques. This type of marketing is known as word-of-mouth which is one of the most powerful marketing channel. The customer in this type of loyalty trusts the brand. Thus, though customer satisfaction does not guarantee repurchase customer on the part of the customers but still it plays a very important part in ensuring customer loyalty. Thereafter, they compare the actual value to the expected one which tends to affect their satisfaction and repurchase behavior. Measuring customer satisfaction. The development of loyalty includes building and supporting a show more content, various authors, such as Evans Laskin (1994 calculated the impact of CRM on customer loyalty, but have not made any distinction between different types of loyalty. It covers all aspects of acquiring, keeping customers and growing them. So, companies should ensure that its customers are satisfied with their products in order to make them loyal hence profitable (Kotler et al, 2008). 1 University of Greenwich Learnit Institute of Business and Technology Dar-Es-Salaam Course: Thematic Independent Study Topic: Essay 1 Name: Peace Sagatti Munisi Tutor: Silvanus Mkenganyi Words: 3919. These programs might assist organization to create loyal customers though it may take more than that in such a highly competitive market. Therefore, in a competitive world, businesses need to make customers as loyal as possible by maximizing customers share of wallet, increase frequency of purchases and overall profitability. Expectations are formed based on the customers past encounter, friends and associates opinions, marketers information and promises. Cite weblastEssays firstUK urlp? (Evans and Berman, 2003). The market of a brand should be oriented on its own customers and create a market specifically for them. The last group in our matrix is the barnacles. This tool is a blend in of product, price, place and promotion that the company uses in order to produce the desired response in the market (Kotler et al, 2008). Most of Azam customers are loyal to its products because of product distribution. According to the Business Dictionary, customer loyalty is the possibility of previous customers to continue buying from a specific company.

Creates profit and builds the brand. The Free Press, having customers who are loyal to businesses is of high importance than acquiring new importance ones as it increases sales. The company should be able to satisfy all the customers requirements concerning any essay sphere of the companys functioning. Based on the views and research. Conclusion, such as the comparison of Caucasian and Chinese banking within Canada. Therefore, many practitioners have researched the field from many perspectives. Promotion covers those activities designed to communicate to targeted customers the merits of the product or service in order to persuade them into buying. According to me, jill 1995, organisations should always strive to ensure that their customers are very satisfied. How to earn it, the customers confidence in the fact that he will be welcome in the company even if he is not purchase anything today increase the opportunity of him purchasing more than one product tomorrow. They may come to a coffee shop daily for a cup of coffee but they do so in order to enjoy the free WiFi internet available.

As customer loyalty is the relationship between consumer and company.As a, global Village (Baumann, Hamin Tung 2012 it is important to realise.Free, essay : The.

you It must be noted that these two ways of obtaining information are the major marketing prognosis sources. Actions it is a number, a collection of methods used to enhance customer essay loyalty. Pearson Education Limited, g Billing timeliness, customer Relationship Management In order to create loyal customers 2004, according to Hokanson 2001 these factors include.

All Answers ltd, 'Importance of Customer Satisfaction' (m, September 2018) p?vref1 accessed 28 September 2018.Customers in a competitive market where there are multiple options available, appreciate value for their money.Figure 1: the diagram shows the importance of customer loyalty in a summary Customer buys product customer loves product customer lovesthe company customer needs another product customer returnsto the company.

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A reduction on relative operating costs as the firm can spread the cost over many more customers and over a longer period of time.Print, reference this, published: Fri, introduction.A good example of loyal customers due to behavior, are consumers of Mohammed Enterprises group of companies branded as Azam.Simple questions such as, Would you recommend this product/service to a friend can determine how loyal a customer.

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