Writing lessons for grade 2. Proofreading, marks : What Do They Mean?

How immigrating two another country has changed me essay. Transpose proofreading mark

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be altered. How to delete word/letter by using Proofreading Marks delete. Marking up proofs is really quite simple. Transpose characters or words, indent, remove indent, the mark extends into

the margin and requires no margin symbol. Change to bold typeface, change to non bold typeface, change to italic typeface. Insert or change to an en dash. The text to be added can be found either at the foot of the page or on a separate sheet. The mark extends into the margin and requires no margin symbol Take back character or words to previous column (or page) Close up - delete space between characters Insert space between characters Reduce space between characters Insert space between words Reduce space between words The. Means leave text unchanged. How to insert space by using Proofreading Marks Insert space. Change to upper case, change to lower case, caret insert specified text at this point. Substitute or insert hyphen, take over and start new paragraph. Make upper case, encircle text to be altered, make lower case. The oblique or solidus means that the instruction is complete/concluded delete the extra a in Scotlaand and close up change upper case S to lower case s change the two underlined words in roman typeface to italic, so it will be non sequitur. Transpose (switch) the specified two areas of text. Both margins can be used for corrections, the tendency being to write in the left-hand margin for corrections to the left, and in the right-hand margin for corrections to the right. Post on 28-Nov-2014.517 views, category: 2 download, description, professional Proof-Reading Training, transcript. For a complete set of universal proofreading symbols, the. Its actually easier than it looks. Substitute or insert colon, substitute or insert semi-colon, substitute or insert comma. Indicated text is of doubtful accuracy query. Authors (You and I) Ensure accuracy Prevent giving a bad impression Help put best foot forward Business professionals Ensure the message is clear, concise, and accurate Give the reader a good impression of the company Ensure proper response and avoid legal issues. How to delete space by using Proofreading Marks delete space. There is an instruction you are giving, the textual mark,.e. Most of the time youll only use about a half dozen marks and these can be learnt very quickly. Aim to be clear, precise and consistent.

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Encircle text to transpose proofreading mark be altered, proofreading is checking copy for Accuracy Spelling. Its actually more important in the beginning to able to notice the actual errors than it is to worry about marking them up correctly. Substitute or insert doubl" which identifies the nature of the correction. This proofreading marks chart will give you a good idea of what the most common proofreading marks mean. Make bold, this is used if there is a large amount of text to be inserted too much to write in the margin. Grammar, years ago, insert matter indicated by the letter in the associated diamond.

This chart is intended to be used as an apos. Some of the most common are proofreading shown in the table to the right. Removed encircled marks, proofreading Prepared By Masum Chowdhury transpose ManagerStrategic Brand Management Department. Adjacent to the line or lines that have to be corrected.

You just need to understand how the system works, and what the universal proofreading symbols actually mean.If you would like to know more about proof reading basics, see our article.Encircle extraneous marks to be removed.

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As a graphic designer, you'll find that your main involvement in proofreading will be in interpreting and implementing, rather than actually proofreading documents.Take over character or words to next column (or page).They use this mark to indicate that their original mark should be ignored.