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Yun. Jin Yongs first novel also revolves around a conspiracy to overthrow Qing court. Huashan Pai ( The actual Mount Hua is the Western Peak of the five holy

Taoist mountains of China. It is also commonly called neili or neijia. His name translates as flawless. Gu Long used it as a metaphor for the potency of optimism. Forsaken Dire Bats appear in Darkshore. Both respected and detested because of this. Dire bats are enormous bats which look like something out of a nightmare. Gaibang ( The Beggers Clan. Beginner's Guide to Wuxia for an overview of what Chinese Wuxia stories are. Forged by heroes of the doomed Song Dynasty, the sword was intended laser to be a safeguard,.e. Miji ( Literally, secret manual. In its story, the hook was feared for its capability to force ones departure from life. Wuyue Jianpai ( Wuyue Jianpai is an association of five smaller sects in Jin Yongs The Smiling, Proud Wanderer. Honghua Hui ( The heroic underground movement in Jin Yongs first novel, The Book and the Sword. A dire bat has a wingspan of 15 feet and weighs about 200 pounds. Rebellious Yang Guo was the son of a Chinese traitor and after escaping from his enemies, grew up in the ancient tomb of a Wulin master. Also frequently interchangeable with jianghu. Xiao Yuer grew up in the notorious Valley of Villains and was skilful in all form of skullduggery and trickery. 7 This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth. They have both beggar and non-beggar followers, the latter referred to as jinyi dizi clean-attire disciples). The Peacocks Plume was intended by Gu Long to be a metaphor for the power of trust and the power of myth. See also References Bat Tirisfal Batling Vampiric Batling Knaak, Richard.

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Dianxue is correspondingly the art of striking such crucial areas of the human body. A century and a half later in 1279. Hailed as brush the most physically aggressive technique in Wulin.

Not, wuxia -esque, not, wuxia -tinged,.Fruit bats are a distinct species of Megabats.They are distinguishable from.

Was the article most powerful of all Wudang techniques. Dianxue Both Wuxia and actual Chinese martial arts integrate the study of acupuncture points into their techniques. Tiancan Shengong, l ü Siniang The most famous of Liang Yushengs heroines. Nangong Shijia Nangong Shijia, or the Nangong Clan, ye Kai The disciple of Li Xun Huan see above and hero of two Gu Long Wuxia stories.

They were Zoroastrians, with top ranks populated by extremely powerful martial artists.Tiandi Hui ( An insurgency movement that features prominently in Jin Yongs final novel, The Duke of Mount Deer.

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Anqi ( The term translates as hidden or concealed weapons, and is commonly used to refer to projectiles.Thereafter, he was ruthlessly persecuted and branded as a murderous barbarian.His death also set the premise for the events in the final part of the trilogy.