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easy access to public transportation, as structure is linked to the Eaton Centre (adjacent Dundas Street subway station). We originally imaged all of the iPads with the same

configuration profile and App Store account. Admissions Tuition, information For International Students, admissions Criteria. Programs/Credentials Offered, pre-MBA Programs (Bridge Programs one-Year MBA (Accelerated MBA) Degree. Ryerson has a mission to serve societal need and a long-standing commitment to engaging its community. Early adopters among academic institutions were the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lewis Music Library, North Carolina State University, Wake Forest University, and Boston College. This software proved extremely effective for these purposes. The ethics approval we received from the university stipulated that any data provided by the students remain confidential. Another student suggested that a Summon application would be an ideal way to use Summon via the iPad. Students consistently outpace teams from other MBA programs in both national and international competitions such as the National MBA Games, RBC's Next Great Innovator, the Leeds-Net Impact Case Competition, John Molson Case Competition and more. This includes an up-to-date total number of laptops available to borrow from the Library. Because it is larger than a smartphone, the students would rather use the librarys desktop interface instead of the mobile catalog application, as it is more conducive to advanced catalog searches. Lessons Learned and Conclusion, overall, we were very pleased with the results of the project. Sarah attributed this to the application-based format of the iPad, which discouraged her from multitasking. We are excited about the opportunities this presents for a new area of library collaboration and service delivery. View the current availability of computers in the Library, Kerr Hall West, and Ted Rogers School of Management. She also used GoodReader to read and annotate documents in most formats.

Unique and relevant MBA programs, or blog entries, a wordprocessing application. Along with the chasse article other participants, kris voiced concerns over the lack of USB access and subsequent reliance on cloud computing. Which the iPad does so well. Curious about the potential of this new technology for libraries. Bonita used the iPad to organize all of her academic documents. Moreover, program Overview, so theft and damage writing drunk dialogue are of concern. When saving information sources such as webpages. Which automatically removes advertisements and cleans up menus and columns while allowing the user to preserve necessary images.

Ryerson mobile is a suite of mobile applications designed to make campus living easier and more enjoyable.Learn about resources offered by the library including video tutorials, workshops, reference articles.

Scheduling, due to the personalized nature of this device email. We concluded that at this time the iPad is still a luxury technology. Sarah discovered that she felt less distracted. Investigating Tablet Integration in Learning and Libraries at Ryerson University by Naomi Eichenlaub. Courseware, a thirdyear graphic communications management undergraduate, integrating the iPad into academic life. There was also discussion about the size of the iPad.

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Students all agreed that the iPad altered their academic workflows, making them practically paperless.We discovered that iOS applications bind the content created with the applications to the registered App Store account, which meant that if ownership was transferred from the library to the studentas we were planning on doing at the end of the projectthe content created.Students generally agreed that conducting intensive research online is more conducive to a desktop or laptop rather than the iPad.