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called on gen2, GC will decide if it is helpful if it collects (2nd parameter Optimized). Simonijt Dutta, Intel Corporation, download "Writing High Performance.NET Code". WKS GC is the

default even on multiprocessor systems for any non T application. Just go to t/buy, add both formats to your shopping cart, and use the 25percent discount code at checkout to receive the discount. Synchoronization primitives can be defined as: Monitor or lock: Provides a mechanism that topical synchronizes access to objects Interlocked: Provides atomic access to variables that are shared by multiple threads. In your application configuration file (ex: nfig you can add following 2 configuration runtime gcConcurrent enabled"false /runtime /configuration WKS GC has 1 heap per process and it has 1 GC thread per process. Effective papers use of the Task Parallel Library to maximize throughput. This can lead to race conditions or deadlock (1) Never use Thread. What follows is a brief list of performance tools that are available for tuning.NET code. So many times visits to a web site takes long time to load, resulting in frustration and the migration to a different site (similar business). Dont use exceptions as a control flow in your application Wrong void foo (int parameter) int ret 0; val. Digitally watermarked, DRM-free, included format: PDF ebooks can be used on all reading devices. How do you know that this actually worked? The.NET Framework provides a run-time environment called the CLR, which manages the execution of code and provides services that make the development process easier. Wrong /Correct lock (this) public class foo do something; Object sync_obj new Object lock(sync_obj) Do something /Wrong /Correct lock(typeof(foo) public class foo private static Object sync_obj new Object Do something; lock (sync_obj) Do something; Consider using ThreadStatic to eliminate or reduce lock contention: If you. Optimized Create objects that die young:.NET GC is optimized on the premises that most of objects allocated are temporary and die young so they can be collected in gen0 which is cheap. Using Pinvoke (Platform Invoke) All ows calling of Windows DLLs, Win32 APIs or custom dlls from managed code (1) Using MC (IJW) For users for MC to call standard DLLs (1) COM Interop Manage languages to call COM components through COM interfaces. (2) Tips for improving manage code performance: We covered threading and GC and now we cover the general VM, code generation and basic T and T tips for writing better code Avoid unnecessary boxing 1 int i 123; object o i; (Implicit boxing) /box keyword. Some other code Monitor. If another thread modifies the underlying collection then an exception will be thrown. This is not available in VS2005 and older versions. The total number of concurrent requests you can process. Some other code /End of atomic region /Correct: Synchronizing just that block which needs atomic execution void foo int a, b; Object obj;. Acquire and release lock in the same order: Otherwise you can cause deadlock condition Thread1 Thread2 lock(obj_A) lock(obj_B) lock(obj_B) lock(obj_A) Do something; Do something ; All collections.NET are not thread safe. On the Bing platform team, he has built one of the world's leading.NET-based, high-performance server applications, handling high-volume, low-latency requests across thousands of machines for millions of customers. It also has support for Base Class Libraries (BCL) which sits on top of CLR, providing libraries for functionalities such as String, File I/o, and Networking, Collection classes, Data Access (T) and XML processing. You will see how Windows and the CLR affect your application, and improve your codes performance guided by a set of case studies and tips. This puts pressure on gen2 heap and you may end up doing full collections which is expensive.(2) Dont allocate too many temporary la rge objects: Large objects ( 85K size) are allocated on a separate large objects heap which is never compacted (it is expensive. Note: These values are not recommended values but just used for illustration purposes. CLR provides features such as automatic memory management (GC exception handing, security, type safety, JIT (Just in time compiler for converting msil to native code) and more. This paper talks about the core performance related issues that one should be aware.NET. In some cases, you want to use unmanaged code for some performance related reasons as well (such as calling 3rd party highly optimized libraries).

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Reader Widget, what is good and what is bad. Mreader61535, you can avoid this by using generics similar to C template as shown below which doesnt require run time type check as it is known at the compile time. It is very simple to use including a recording facility for URLs and also has ability to look perfmon counters of all the machines from a client system etc. Tune writing high performance net code pdf free download using this method when the following conditions are true. The data or output is very expensive to create or fetch Frequency of use The data is fairly static and is not changing frequently.

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Some code lockobj Following code has to be atomically executed end of lock End of atomic region. More tool coverage, it has 1 GC heap writing high performance net code pdf free download per Processor and 1 GC thread per 1 GC heap. Synchronization primitives that can be used for inter process synch ronization. Tips and BKMs for improving performance and looking at potential issues in threading etc if you are writing high performance net code pdf free download developing your application using Microsoft Framework SDK. NET over the last few years. And improvements throughout the entire book. Vsts Profiler, a built in profiler from Microsoft Visual Studio Team system 2008. Can be used to identify functionality bugs such as OutOfMemoryException and performance related bugs as well locking etc. The suspend and resume operation doesnt happen immediately as CLR has to make sure the execution control is in safe point. For any atomic or operations consider using Interlocked class Mutex.

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Dont use too much shared data among threads If any data or data structure is shared among threads, then synchronization is required to update that data.With Microsoft.NET Framework, developers can now build complete business solutions quickly with more functionality and robustness with its rich and easy to use features and functionality.Threading support.NET and tips for avoiding common threading mistakes.