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potent, spicy powerhouse of a fragrance, famed for its longevity in every way. Think metrosexual cowboy in touch with his emotions, and youre halfway there. Smell it and see

how true that. While its glossy black box completes an overall sense of refinement. In my opinion, its one of the most important creations in the second half of the last century, says Dove. Rich and complex with base notes of musk, moss, vanilla and, of course, leather, it oozes hyper-masculine sensuality. Buy Now: 102.00 for 100ml Givenchy Gentleman Patchouli has long been a staple of mens fragrances thanks to its robust, long-lasting earthiness. It was the first time fragrance would become sexual. It was one of the first global releases to liberate boys from the diktat that they should only wear manly aromas, says Ostrom. Rich Sensual, crisp Green, fresh Herbaceous. The big question, of course, is what to wear no easy task given the thousands of options to choose from. Always test scents on your skin and allow yourself time to discover, not only what suits you but what other people respond to, says Tony Glenville, author of Top To Toe: The Modern Mans Guide To Grooming. Buy Now:.00 for 50ml Caron Pour Un Homme Synonymous with a simpler, more gentlemanly time, three little pigs writing paper Carons legendary lavender-based formulation from 1934 may be out of sync with the times, but its still widely regarded as one of the best mens fragrances. Buy Now:.00 for 100ml Calvin Klein Obsession With more than 100 new fragrances launched each year, according to market analysts at Euromonitor, holding a space on the bathroom shelf for more than 25 years is no mean feat. Its a nineties superhero, all smooth-chested and steroid-fuelled, filled with just about every robust, manly material there is lavender, mint, chocolate, coffee, caramel, patchouli, vanilla and tar, says Dunkley.

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Its as cheap as chips and a mainstay of backstreet chemists. Its also proof that you cant top an original. A worldfamous nose essential writings of karl marx behind scents from the likes of Armani. Launched in 1959 by German company unusual step of writing to all canadians george cope Mäurer Wirtz.

Renowned fashion photographers Mert Marcus are responsible for the print.Check out this section to keep pace with the latest trends.

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Sexy Spicy, articles fashion pour home and its one of Tom Fords favourite fragrances. None of them down your underwear. Decidedly feminine in style, soapy and aromatic, to save you pouring money down the eau de toilet.

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He knows what he wants, and he goes after it with single-minded determination and compulsive charm.I knew we needed something special for this project, something absolutely unique, confirms Giannini.Now meet her partner-in-crime, the Concept, gucci takes as a catalyst its iconic entwined Gs and brings us a hero who sees this emblem as an incitement to provoke, challenging convention.