The music and social humanity

Music is the most words I like, because of the word that, I discovered the meaning of the meaning of life. Because of my love for music, then I’d be happy to build this web and start writing anything about music. Music and social human activity is something that not separated. Even the music is not only a fun activity, because it is said 6% of American children want to be President, but 13% wanted to be a musician. But also has tremendous impacts for humans.

Therefore, there are some interesting facts about the music associated with our lives, namely

The first fact, it was found that music can change the behavior. The right kind of music can turn depression into joy, anger becomes quiet, hate into love, fear into courage. Beautiful music affects people and can soothe and relieve feelings of frustration and anger. Music will no doubt make a difference in reducing tension. (L. Clarke, 2006)

The second fact, music has the power to soothe, energize and motivate. The unique thing that encourages as social organization that has the vision to make music as a tool to carry out charitable activities. They do great things through a piece of music, not just entertaining but they also relieve the suffering of those who have shortcomings such as disability, etc.

The third fact, the fetus in the womb gives a great response to stimuli music.

The fourth fact, in 2000, when “Child Care”, a public service campaign in Rochester, Minnesota asked 800 children what they liked when they were in daycare or in the care of the family, more than 40% answered sing. More than 60% replied that playing a musical instrument.

Certainly there are many more facts about music, but from the information above is quite a portrait of how extraordinary effects and music appeal to human life.

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