Soprano Flute and How to Playing

Soprano Flute and How to play the flute
Flute or flute commonly used for school teaching, which is often used is the flute soprano flute, soprano flute in addition there is also a soprano flute and alto flute.
Flute soprano voice has a region of “c” (all holes closed all) until “b”, but for the high notes almost certainly sound dissonant at all. Including flute tuned instrument is not rhythmic (accompanist). Music practice will be divided into 2, namely: individual and group practice. Below are following paragraphs of Soprano Flute and How to Playing it.

1. Finger Placement On Flute

0 1 2 3 7 6 5 4

Left Hand Right Hand

1. The left hand holds the upper flute, right hand bottom
2. Head and shoulders upright reasonable (not strained)
3. Chest swelled and both elbows raised so do not touch the body.
4. Sources puffs placed on the lower lip, upper lip touches puffs with reasonable resources.
5. Do not put too deep blast source so that it touches the teeth, and do not bite.

2. Breathing techniques and Puffs

Breathing is good as we sing is to use diaphragm breathing, and to produce a good blow pronounce the words of TU, gusts should average not too strong blowing so deafening. Tone usually do (c ‘) is the most difficult sounded.

3. Tuning In Flutes (tune)

Flutes can be in the barrel, adjustable audible tone if somewhat fals, but usually not until the rise and fall of a tone half tone. To tune the flute can pull the head or tail of the sound on the flute by equating fluit stem, fork or keyboard.

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