One of the digital music software Vsti capable of bringing nuance orchestra in musical arrangements that we’re working on is the EDIROL ORCHESTRA VSti. The ability of this software does not need to doubt, audio production produced very close to the perfection of the instrument sound like alias-the original instrument (analog).

Next up is the live how our ability to perform the process of mixing and mastering to the devices the digital-music devices have been made available in this software, so it can bring the feel of the orchestra is really nice as well as according to the type of arrangement the music we want, or according to the type of music (music-digital) we are returned.

The operation of this digital-music software is easy, we just choose and place the instruments-digital (string instruments as well as 7) are already available in this orchestra software, set the volume (for each instrument, of course) and panning, done. Next to instrument orchestra is located behind or into the background of a musical arrangement (digital music), then use reverb as required. This needs to be done so that the voice of the orchestra that we present is not closing the instrument-other instruments or sound vocals don’t close (at the front).

Besides the string instruments, the software also includes Edirol Orchestra with wind instruments like the trumpet, trombone, flute, obou and horn. The heaviest instrument options can also use the pattern pizzcatto. It feels like this is a software instrument-instrument orchestra that is fairly complete and sound production (music-digital) that approximates the perfect (analog).

Simple steps to be an Expert Drummer

To be an expert drummer, you should learn all time and never end. Because, expert drummer always have a best drumming type. In this article will explain an easy way to get started drumming to be an expert. Playing drums is easy, but it’s hard to be an expert! So, so who’s to say that playing drums was easy, and you do not be afraid to play the drums because the drum is not difficult.

First, to start learning to play the drums you do not need a drum. All you need is sitting in front of this computer. Then, how? It seem so easy right? Make eight beats with your right hand, but the sound of count is “1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and  etc”. At each interval between the numbers and the word “and” that you mention make a hit along with the count. Try to do!

“One and two and three and four and”

Already? Well, it was a knock 1/8. Remember, 1/8.

Well, now make beats with the left hand on the count of “two” and “four”. Your right hand to make beats like the first. 1 2 3 4 … Start! “One and two and three and four and”.

You have done? Pretty easy is not it? But these steps are not enough. Last step is to make beats with the fall of the right foot on the count of “one” and “three”. But lagi2 right and left hand keep doing what you’ve done before, right foot only do it knock-knock. 1 2 3 4 … Do it! “One and two and three and four and ….”

Congratulations, you now have arguably a ‘drummer’. But remember, it’s only the beginning. To master the drums are almost entirely takes you at least about 6 years old, or even more.

In later drum set, your right hand is placed on the hi hat cymbals (usually located on your left side) or the ride cymbal that is usually located on your right side. Left hand on the snare drum that is definitely located between your legs and put on the right foot pedal bass drum. And you just do pukulan2 it and blow it continued to form a long beat.

“” One and two and three and four and one and two and …. etc. “