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Tips On How To Make / Write A Song

The Song Is An Inspiration From Within Us That We Pour Into A Form Of Writing, Which Contains Too Many Meaning, And The Music is Always do a Better for Child. With The Song We Can Make A Calm, Happy Hearts, Even Sad. Here Are Some Tips On How To Make A Song …:

1. Use Specific Themes

The Theme Is A Perfect Tutorial We Will Direct Our Song Lyrics, Whether It Is About Friendship, Love, Disappointment And So On. By Adopting A Theme Then We Will Create Lyrical Be Directional, So Before Creating The Lyrics Then Specify The Theme That You Think Is Good.
2. Use Of The Letter Vocal And Consonants At The End Of The Sentence

The Use Of Vowels And Consonants In The Lyrics Of The Song In My Opinion Is The Most Important Factor In Making The Song, As With The Placement Of The Letter Vocal And Consonants Accordingly, Our Song Will Flow Like Water And Very Good To Be Heard.

Vowels Are Used “A”, “I”, “U”, “E”, “O”

Vowels “A” Was Used At The End Of Sentences To Form A Long Tone, Also Used To Accompany The Consonant When Wanting To Set Up A Long Tone.
I Went Home …. -> Lyrics Of Avenged Sevenfold – Dear God

Vowels “I” Placed At End Of Sentences To Short Tones Only.
Vowels “U” Should Not Be Placed At The End Of Which A Sentence Of Lyrics.
A Vowel “E” Usually Rarely Used To End A Sentence Lyrics.
Vowels “O” Is Used To Fill In Or Intro Melody, Etc.. The Final Sentence Is Rarely Used In The Lyrics.

Consonants Are In Addition To The Five Letters Above
Please Do Not Use Consonants At The End Of The Sentence The Words, But When Forced To Then Please Use The Following Ways:

Before Consonants Long Tone To Try To Find The Words Ending In A Consonant That Has Vowels In Front Of Him

Examples: Go Home, Drawing, And So On.

3. Song Pattern

The Third Is The Pattern Of The Song. The Pattern Of The Song Serves To Determine The Level Of Saturation Of Our Song, The More The Ref Placement Or Repetition Of Lyrics That Either Would Make Level Of Listener Burnout.

Music and intelligence of children

How could music have such great power over human development from an early age? However, you should believe the statement. Since childhood, the music is very influential in the development of the brain. Music has played a role in the increased stimulation for them. Stimulation of the good, mainly in the sense of obtaining a response from the mother and the fetus, the sound of classical music. The music is closely associated with the power to hear. Stimulation of classical music should be performed every day at least half an hour. Classical music can be heard while doing other activities. For pregnant women who are not so fond of classical music and still asleep when he heard, without having to worry about the fetus can still listen to music. Music also provides a positive impact on the development of small brains. Based on the article I read that the formation of the fetal ear begins at 24 gestational weeks and 5-6 months. If any part of the ear is formed, then the fetus would hear a sound from outside of the uterus, as well as all of us. And the most amazing, apparently research has shown that the fetus is not only heard but also to respond to all the sounds he heard. So when you hear the sound of the music from the outside, when the fetus responds.

Furthermore, based on the development of embryology, the brain consists of two parts, the right brain and the left brain, which began his training at the beginning of pregnancy until the baby is born. The left brain is the ideal place to make a function that consists of academic language / grammar skills, writing, mathematics, memory, logic, analysis, numbers and much more. As it is logical, while the left brain is closely related to the formation of the intelligence of children in formal education. Meanwhile, some of the right hemisphere deals with the development of artistic and creative style, emotion, language, the rhythm of the music, imagination, daydreaming, color, development of self and others, as well as the development of socialization and personality.