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Saxophone Lesson and The Technique

Must be disciplined in a Saxophone Lesson to use techniques to speed, accuracy and smooth each a.k.a. presses do not read, can also practice with learning guitar or learning Flute.
How to train to become a good fingering, namely:

By practicing the Guitar Lesson. In addition, the distance the fingers with the tuts/a.k.a. must remain close to the tuts, so that there is no distance when not pressing the finger tuts, as do when Learning guitar.
To train a certain tone repeatedly that his position is difficult such as C to D, C # to D, D to E, F # to F #, F #, G to F # to G #, G # to A, G #, G A kw # to A #, A #, A # to B to C, B to C, etc.
Train a tone chord such as C-E-G-C, C-F, A, C, D, G, B, D and patern/etude/scale al blues (C-D-F #-G-F #-A #), pentatonic (C-D-E-G-A-C)
Sigh Reading and Primavista
Read it or not is one of the requirements of the beams in playing music, because the beam is not reading media for playing the saxophone in a group with other musical instruments (band, ensemble, orchestra) for matching, accurate and appropriate arrangement which is expected by the arranger, composer & conductor. It can also be studied in this Guitar Lesson while taking Guitar Lessons
In addition to reading not useful beams to get to know and study the lagu2 standard, pop and jazz from any music books and studying the patern and scale2, improvised from buku2 contoh2 practices.
Primavista i.e. accuracy in reading not beams directly and quickly, so to be able to master the primavista must practice reading not beams every day (minimum 30 minutes).

How bassist learning?

In the band bass guitar an instrument that determines the rhythm music, now is bassist learning perform. He stressed that the voice and the guitar remains constant over time. But, as well as the evolution of the music, much experimentation and bassist offers options in terms of playing bass.

For musicians who have learned about themselves, perhaps a way to play the bass or just want to learn it from the first step, which can help to develop the skills required to play a musical instrument are identical for the four strings.

1 Alternate picking

This is how to play the bass used primarily by the bassist. In fact, the form alternate picking of this instrument. In short, in this technical tower that we started very low with two fingers. The used RADIUS is half of the index.

“2 high low”

These techniques use the thumb to us like a top. If the other four fingers are typically used as a tool for harvesting. This technique is similar to the rhythm of the guitar. Thus, we have changed the index and middle fingers are typically used to zero using your thumb. Victor Wooten is most often use this technique.

Step 3

Slap flame because these techniques as a low blow. If you often listen the music of the band of Red Hot Chile Peppers, perhaps you’re not familiar with the sound produced by this technique. The basis of this technique is to turn downwards with your thumb or the Palm of the hand. If the noise tends to be more on percussion.

4 Faucet

If you have a time Joe Satriani or look at name only on Hendrix played guitar with Dinah frette? Yes, it is striking technique. This technique is also used for bass. The trick is to strike the string with the tip of your finger on the bottom box. Logically similar to press the keys on the keyboard on your computer. But remember, by dragging your finger lightly at the time of the poke..

5 Pop

This is the technique of the sons and drop it back all in Ribbon faces. The sound of a great noise as they will tend to be two objects that exist. This technique is usually the technical slap to produce a unique combination of sounds. Basically, slap and pop sounds of nature are not very different. Pop also has many types, which double clamp (take two strings at the same time).

6 neck-reflections

As a folding technique (lift the strings by the tip of the finger) on a guitar, but this was done at the end of the bass. How to play these techniques is to press the strings on the head (the end of bass, where we always play sabrina pendulum) the string is plucked. This technique produces the buzzing of a whole tone. Billy Sheehan typically use this technique.

This technique may not work with a test. The point is often to learn and discuss with experts. Allow does not use these techniques in the game. As for jelly, the sound will be different. Don’t forget to pay attention to the position of your hands.